Takao : Seven forests of plum gathering

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About 10000 plum trees there

Though I already posted about cherry blossoms, let me post about plum blossoms 😛
Ordinary cherry blossoms are in full bloom after plum blossoms season is over. But this year, cherry blossoms were beginning to bloom while plum blossoms were in full bloom because of extremely warm weather. So you could see both cherry blossoms and plum blossoms at many place 🙂

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It was about half a month ago, I went to Takao plum grove and saw much plum blossoms to the full.
Takao Plum Grove is near Takao station that is known as the closest station to Mt.Takao.
There are about 10000 plum trees along old Koshu Kaido street and Kobotoke river.

I intended to post about it earlier, but cherry blossoms bloomed and fell earlier than expected 🙁

Takao Plum Grove is divided five sections like parks.

It took about 5 hours from the station.

From 15 minutes walk from Takao station, I got to Komakino park (駒木野庭園).
Such vivid blossoms attracted me.

Red plum blossoms, Komakino Park (Takao)


White plum blossoms, Komakino Park (Takao)

Children's park, Komakino Park (Takao)


Tenjin plum grove (天神梅林)

Takao Tenmangu shrine, Tenjin plum grove (Takao)


It was like short hill. Small shrine that is named Takao Tenmangu Shrine was top of the park.

Yunohana plum grove (湯の花梅林)

Whole park, Yunohana plum grove (Takao)


Entering the park is restricted now.

Kobotoke plum grove (小仏梅林)
Strictly speaking, “Kobotoke plum grove” don’t exist now.
When “Kobotoke plum grove” is used, it means some plum trees near Kobotoke bus stop now.

Rail and plum blossoms, Kobotoke Plum grove (Takao)


There’s railway and tunnel.It’s very fun to take photos of blossoms and them together.

Tunnel and plum blossoms, Kobotoke Plum grove (Takao)


White plum blossoms, Kogesawa plum grove (Takao)


After that I went to the biggest park in Takao grove district.
Kogesawa plum grove (木下沢梅林)
It is open during the plum blossoms festival only.

From bottom, Kogesawa plum grove (Takao)


Plum blossoms only, Kogesawa plum grove (Takao)


Awesome blossoms, Kogesawa plum grove (Takao)


Awesome beautiful, Kogesawa plum grove (Takao)

There were so many plum trees. So if I go visit Takao plum grove district again, I’ll be satisfied with entering the park only.

Arai plum grove (荒井梅林)

Whole park, Arai plum grove (Takao)


Tiny park. I took much time to find the park. And entering the park was restricted.
I took the picture from out of the fence.

Sekisho plum grove (関所梅林)
Also it was hard for me to find it. And I was about to go past 😛
It was like children’s play ground.

Few plum trees…

Few tree, Sekisho plum grove (Takao)


This year, I saw much plum blossoms to my heart’s content. Also I saw beautiful cherry blossoms !
I want to enjoy Spring season with Spring foods like firefly squid and bonito.

But to my sad, winter have come back. it has been cold these days. Where do Spring go ? Come back !

About Takao plum grove, Takao baigo grove (高尾梅郷)

Station / Takao station (JR, Keio)
Website / http://www.mustlovejapan.com/subject/takao_baigo/ (English, Unofficial)



  1. Plum blossoms are my favorite. There is something too about the tree shape and knobbly branches that I love more than sakura.

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