Takamatsu 2015 : Link collection

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Summary of our two days’ trip to Takamatsu

The first day : September 25th

We went to Takamatsu airport from Narita airport terminal 3 by Spring Japan air that was already suspended in this October.
As soon as we got to Takamatsu station, we ate first udon at this trip at Udon Baka Ichidai (うどんバカ一代) (Baka means crasy)

Takamatsu 2015 : Teuchi-udon Baka Ichidai (手打ち十段 うどん バカ一代)
We flied to Takamatsu with cheap tickets ! I went to Takamatsu of Kagawa prefecture to eat Sanuki udon last weekend. By Spring Japan Tokyo/Narita - Takamatsu that is decided to be suspended by the e...

After that we moved to Kawaramachi and took a break with parfait and juice.

We participated in Udon bus tour that is managed by Kotoden but company. The tour started from Takamatsu station.
At first, our bus took us to Ikegami Seimensho (池上製麺所).
Light kake udon.

Takamatsu 2015 : Ikegami Seimensho by Kotosan bus tour (池上製麺所)
After we had a break at the cafe in front of Kawaramachi station, we went to Takamatsu station and took a walk and then we went to the bus stop in front of Takamatsu station. I don't have driver's li...

Then the bus took us to Ritsurin Garden (栗林公園) and we took a rest for one hour there (for making room for another udon).

Takamatsu 2015 : Ritsurin Garden by Kotosan bus tour
I had never known such a beautiful garden like this. After we left Ikegami Seimensho, our bus took us to Ritsurin garden close to Takamatsu station. I visited Ritsurin Garden last time, too and I ...

And then udon time again. At Waraya (わら家). Very hot zaru udon.

Takamatsu 2015 : Waraya by Kotosan bus tour (わら家)
Sanuki udon in an old house. This post is a sequel of last post about my Takamatsu trip :) After we took a walk around Ritsurin garden for one hour, we got on the bus again for next udon shop. ...

The bus dropped us off at Takamatsu station and then we went back to our hotel and took a break for a while and then we went out again for night meal.
Our night meal was not udon. Ramen 🙂
Kinzan Seimensho (欽山製麺所)

Takamatsu 2015 : Kinzan seimensho
Not just udon but also ramen at Takamatsu ! After we enjoyed udon tour, we went back to our hotel and took a break for a while. Then, somehow we felt like eating something ! Nevertheless we ate too ...

On our way to our hotel, we enjoyed the night view in Takamatsu.

Takamatsu 2015 : Night views in Takamatsu
Beautiful night views in silent I posted about the breakfast that we ate in the second day's morning. But today, I want to post about the night views in Takamatsu. After we ate ramen at first n...

The second day : September 26th

We got up earlier and went to Hashioka station to eat udon as breakfast at Udon Ippuku (うどん一福).

Takamatsu 2015 : Breakfast at Udon Ippuku
I have to move near the shop... The second day's morning of my trip to Takamatsu, we went to Hashioka station by train. Cozy station :) You guess Why did we got off at such a small statio...

After that we went back to our hotel and checked out. (We put our baggage in the locker of the hotel lobby)
And then, we visited Tamamo castle next to Kotoden Takamatsu Chikko station and walked around Takamatsu station.

Takamatsu 2015 : Tamamo castle and ...
Takamatsu station has changed to be cute ! After we enjoyed breakfast at Udon Ippuku, we went back to Takamatsu station. Takamatsu station became cute station :) When I went to there in...

Then we picked our baggage and moved to Kawaramachi station by Kotoden train and had dessert at Onmai Lowe (おんまいルーヴ).

Takamatsu 2015 : Break time at Onmai Lowe
After we got to Kawaramachi station, we went to the cafe to eat fruits. Onmai Lowe They sell much souvenirs, but they are also cafe and serve cakes and parfait that have seasonal fruits. ...

We killed time for a while and then visited another udon shop.
Udonbo honten (うどん棒本店)

Takamatsu 2015 : Udonbo Honten
After we got out of Onmai, we took a rest and chatted at the bench in Kawaramachi station. After a while, we felt that we could eat some more, so we went to another udon shop. Udonbo honten ...

Last we finished our trip with Udon Baka Ichidai (うどんバカ一代) that we visited the first day.

Takamatsu 2015 : Last udon at Udon Baka Ichidai (手打ち十段 うどん バカ一代)
Our trip started at Udon baka ichidai and ended there, too This will be the last post about my udon trip to Takamatsu :) The last post is ... about udon all the same ! We ate last udon at there. ...

We became “Udon baka” eventually 😛

We had 6 udon and 1 ramen during two days. We enjoyed a lot !


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