Taipei 2016 Spring : Link collection

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Looking back at my trip in Taipei.

My first trip to Taipei was really delicious trip 🙂
Though I had only three days. But I ate much and saw much 🙂

My first food (lunch) at Taipei was at in front of the Taipei station.
I ate Taiwanese beef noodles for the first time. Though it is Taiwanese food, it is familiar with Japanese tastes.

Taipei : Liu Shan Dong Beef Noodles (劉山東牛肉麵)
Speaking of Taiwanese foods, I remember minced pork rice and beef noodles at first. If you get to Taipei main station from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, you must be starving because of long...

I could have breakfast two times at this trip.

I had traditional Taiwanese breakfast at soymilk shop at 1st morning. Salted soymilk was delicious.

Taipei 2016 Spring : Breakfast at Four seas soymilk king (四海豆漿大王)
Taiwanese breakfast is one of my reason to be there. I had breakfast at soy milk shop close to MRT Zhongshan station (中山站) on second day of my trip in Taipei. Speaking of breakfast in Taiwan, soy mil...

And second morning, I had rice-flour noodles with oysters and pork giblet.

Taipei 2016 Spring : Rice-flour noodles having oysters and pork giblet as breakfast (阿川蚵仔麺線)
Mingled with local people and and had noodle. The last morning of my staying in Taipei. I got up early and checked out from my hotel and left my baggage at the hotel. And I went toward Ningxia night...

I had three lunch.
First was above. My first food at Taipei.

Second, I had soup dumplings.


Taipei 2016 Spring : Soup dumpling having luffa aegyptiaca and shrimps at 黄龍荘
First time to eat luffa aegyptiaca. After I slept in my room for a while, I got out of the hotel again for visiting Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall :) As soon as I got to the closest station, at fir...

Though I had opportunity to have dinner at two times, somehow I only had breakfast at 黄記魯肉飯 at one time.

And last lunch and last meal at this trip was at this restaurant.
Simmered cattle tendon was delicious.

Taipei 2016 Spring : Last meal at Yong-Kang beef noodles and about my hotel (永康牛肉麺)
Last meal and back to Japan. I planned to go to my hotel to pick up my baggage and go to the airport from Difua street. But I had time to have lunch. So, I got off at Dongmen station (東門站). I ...

And speaking of Taiwanese foods, don’t forget to eat Taiwanese dessert.

Shaved ice. Mango !

Taipei 2016 Spring : Awesome Mango Xue Hua Bing at Pinsan (冰讃)
The most impressive food at this trip ! As soon as I got to Shuanglian station, I went straight to this shop having blue signboard. As far as I know, everyone who visited Taipei enjoyed this shop wi...

Soymilk pudding (tofu pudding)

Taipei 2016 Spring : Ningxia Night market (寧夏夜市)
I met my friends' longing shop by chance. I dropped in at Ningxia Night Market on my way to my hotel. When I got to there around 8 p.m., there were many people. The market is open from 6 p.m....
Taipei 2016 Spring : Doufua with peanuts at Qing Guang Tofu Pudding (晴光豆花)
 Healthy sweets doufua without artificial additives. After I ate late lunch, I went to Dazhi station (大直駅). It was for viewing National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine. After I got out of Dazhi sta...

Though it isn’t sweet, Baked pepper bun is “must” snack.
Fuzhou Shizu baked pepper bun (福州世祖胡椒餅) is very popular among them. Of course, I ate.

Taipei 2016 Spring : Fuzhou Shizu Baked pepper bun (福州世祖胡椒餅)
Popular buns are sold near Longshan temple, too. I got off at Longshan temple station and then went toward Longshan So popular baked pepper buns shop ! Fuzhou Shizu Baked Pepper...

Of course, I went sightseeing, too.

National Revolutionary Martyrs’ shrine (忠烈祠)

Taipei 2016 Spring : National Revolutionary Martyrs' shrine (忠烈祠)
The most popular spot among Japanese tourists next to National palace museum. I got to national Revolutionary Martyrs' shrine 10 minutes before the Changing of the Guard ceremony. There weren't still...

Longshan temple (龍山寺)

Taipei 2016 Spring : Gorgeous illuminated Longshan temple (龍山寺)
Longshan temple support throughout Taiwanese lives. After I ate pepper bun at Fuzhou Shizu Baked Pepper bun, I visited Longshan temple. When I got to there, it was around 5 p.m. It slight...

Museum of contemporary art (台北當代藝術館)

Taipei 2016 Spring : MOCA and Taipei milk king (台北當代藝術館, 台北牛乳大王)
Taking a walk around Zhongshan station. After I had breakfast, I went toward the station. I found Museum of Contemporary Art on my way to Zhongshan station and it attracted me. Though I didn...

National Chiang Kai-Shek memorial hall (中正紀念堂)

Taipei 2016 Spring : National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (中正紀念堂)
Comfortable square. After I had lunch, I went to National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. The square is vast. I was exhausted because of my sore foot. So I had break for a while there. ...

Tamsui (淡水)

Taipei 2016 Spring : Tamsui (淡水)
Venice in Taipei. Thanks to delicious shaved ice, I recovered from the pain of my foot. So I decided to go to Tamsui (淡水) by MTR. We can go to Tamsui by MTR Tamsui line directly from Taipei sta...

Difua street (迪化街)

Taipei 2016 Spring : Difua street (迪化街)
Historic shopping street. I walked to Difua street through Yongle Market (永楽市場). About 30 minutes walk brought me to Difua street. I took some photos while walking. At first...

I think my trip was success as beginner of Taipei.
I’ll go there this November again.I’ll enjoy more !

Of course, Kaohsiung was great. But Taipei is the largest city in Taiwan. The big city have many yummy foods and fun things 🙂

Kaohsiung 2015 : Link Collection (高雄, 台湾)
I spent time at Kaohsiung for three days in last November. This was my first visit to Taiwan. After I got to Kaohsiung International Airport, I went to Formosa Boulevard station (美麗島站) by metro. I...
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