Yotsuya / 四ツ谷


[Tokyo] Oyster season at Cutlet Yotsuya Takeda (かつれつ四谷たけだ) in Yotsuya

Many people says Cutlet Yotsuya Takeda (かつれつ四谷たけだ) serve awesome fried oysters with butter. But I hadn't been to there ...

[Tokyo] Lunch barachirashi at Sushi Sho (すし匠) in Yotsuya

Because I had nothing to do on last Wednesday's lunchtime, I went to Sushi Sho (すし匠) that is a fancy sushi restaurant i...

[Tokyo] Simple noodles dressed with oyster sauce at Kahin (嘉賓) in Yotsuya

My friendsaid he want to eat "Chinese noodles dressed with oyster sauce" at Kahin (嘉賓) in Yotsuya, so we went tothe res...

[Tokyo] Wonton noodles at Kouya (支那そば屋 こうや) in Yotsuya

When I had something to do at Yotsuya, I dropped in at the ramen shop Kouya (支那そば屋 こうや). Their ramen is a tastes of my ...
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