Yonemoto coffee new branch


(Moved) Tsukiji market : Monk fish at Katou (和食かとう)

Last boiled monk fish at Katou March will be end soon, and I should eat foods that can be eaten during cold season only...

Tsukiji Market : Horse mackerel, bonito and saikyo-yaki at Kato (和食かとう)

Kato's Saikyo-yaki is great as I heard, and sashimi, too. Speaking of eating sashimi at Tsukiji Market, I remember thes...

(Close) Tsukiji Market : My first deep fried oysters on this season was at TOYOCHAN

TOYOCHAN already quit their business in 2017. (April 27th, 2018) I challenged Toyochan's deep fried oysters ...
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