Yakiniku / 焼肉 / 日式燒肉


(Closed) Minowa : Top quality yakiniku at Shichirin

Notice : Sumibi-Yakiniku Shichirin already quit their business because of the town redevelopment. They moved to Ichigay...

Record of my food journey

Shortly before my going to Russia (Not shortly ?) I ate such a beautiful and tasteful meat at Misuji, located at Akasak...

Morishita : Refurbished Seiryuen !

If you want to fill your stomach with delicious salted tongue, Seiryuen is the best choice ! I went to yakiniku restaur...

Funabashi : Yakiniku at Seibu restaurant floor

Yamagata beef lunch I rarely go up to restaurant floor in Funabashi Seibu. 9 th floor. 9th floor also have book shop ...

(Closed) Kameido : Yakiniku at Kan (寛)

Notice : Kan is already quit their business. (January 11st, 2018) Beefmeat having top quality. A friend of mine...

Mitake, Yakiniku (Keisei-Okubo)

I went to grilled meat restaurant for the first time in a while. With my mother. Although I say, the restaurant is clos...
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