Wagashi / 和菓子 / 日式糕點


Taiyaki Wakaba (たいやきわかば) in Yotsuya Sanchome

When I have lunch in Yotsuya-Sanchome area on weekdays (Mostly at Sushi Sho), I mostly go to Taiyaki Wakaba for dessert ...
TRIP (inside JAPAN)

Trip to Nara 2012 Autumn, the 3rd day, Yoshino-kuzu and Osaka.

After getting out from Todaiji temple, I went toward the accommodation to pick up my baggage. I happened to pass by Tenk...
TRIP (inside JAPAN)

Trip to Nara 2012 Autumn – the 2nd day, Asuka 5

On my way to Asukadera temple from Okadera temple, I found a wagashi shop along the road. I felt chill by a cold wind, ...
TRIP (inside JAPAN)

Trip to Nara 2012 Autumn (1/9) – the 1st day , breakfast and kuzu-kiri

I went to Nara to view scarlet maple leaves last month. I took a plane by low-cost airline both ways. Though I thoug...

2012 New Year’s Dish

Beginning of 2012 with New Year Dish Of course, it is Osechi. I bought a osechi by mail-order last year. That was very...

Wagashi : Kudzukiri made by Minamoto kitchoan

Minamoto Kitchoan's kuzukiri appeared this season, too ! I have bought it every year. Minamoto Kitchoan's kuzuki...
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