Hirai : Toyotaya’s winter again (豊田屋)

Annual visiting to Toyotaya in Winter. Spring will come soon. We have MUST food before that. I visited here in every...

Hirai : Gout hotpot at Toyotaya (豊田屋)

Great hotpot having winter seafood. I thought that I can't go to Toyotaya that is so popular izakaya in Hirai this seas...

Hirai : Dangerous hotpot eaten in Winter only (豊田屋)

Toyotaya without reservation This post is a sequel of last post "So popular beef cutlet (Shinbashi)" We had tea, w...

Hirai : Monkfish, soft roe hotpot at Toyotaya (豊田屋)

This season has come this year, too ! Now winter season has set in. The best season for Hotpot is here! Though now I e...

Hirai : Soft roe, monkfish liver gathering in a hotpot (豊田屋)

Special hotpot during cold season only ! My friend invited me to the izakaya that is named Toyotaya near Hirai station...
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