Toyosu Lunch / 豐洲午餐


3 recommendable restaurant for lunch around Toyosu

I thought Toyosu is too far from my office to visit at lunchtime during work.But one day I tried. And I found it's not ...

[Toyosu] Ajidokoro Ichimura (味処いちむら)

I visited Ajidokoro Ichimura (味処いちむら) in Toyosu area at lunchtime. Because of redevelopment, Toyosu have much tall buil...

Yakitori Miyagawa (やきとり宮川豊洲店) in Toyosu

I found there's a branch of popular yakitori restaurant as "White Karaage" that is named Yakitori Miyagawa in Toyosu. S...

Chii ran (芝蘭) in Toyosu

I always thought about mapo tofu having much Sichuan pepper that could be eaten around my office at lunchtime.But I cou...
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