Teuchi-Jyudan Udon Baka Ichidai

KAGAWA (Takamatsu etc)

Takamatsu 2015 : Last udon at Udon Baka Ichidai (手打ち十段 うどん バカ一代)

Our trip started at Udon baka ichidai and ended there, too This will be the last post about my udon trip to Takamatsu :...
KAGAWA (Takamatsu etc)

Takamatsu 2015 : Teuchi-udon Baka Ichidai (手打ち十段 うどん バカ一代)

We flied to Takamatsu with cheap tickets ! I went to Takamatsu of Kagawa prefecture to eat Sanuki udon last weekend. B...
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