Takahashi / 高はし


(Takahashi moved) Saturdays’ Tsukiji with friends (高はし, フォーシーズン)

Tsukiji on Saturdays after a long absence. I went to Tsukiji on Saturday after a long long long interval. For visiting...

(Market moved) 10 foods you can eat just now as breakfast at Tsukiji

 Your breakfast is ready ! I'm always posting about my breakfast at Tsukiji, but you know there're so many seasonal foo...

Tsukiji Market : Saury !

Smell of grilled saury here and there in the market :) I went to Tsukiji Markt for breakfast because I thought I should...

Tsukiji Market : Takahashi opens earlier

Now Takahashi opens from 7 a.m. To my glad, Takahashi inside Tsukiji Market opens earlier than ever. So, I can eat at...

Tsukiji Market : Grilled ayu at Takahashi (高はし)

Takahashi opens earlier these days. I had a breakfast at Tsukiji Market the other day. At first I intended to go to Y...

Tsukiji Market, Oshiage : Takahashi and Tokyo skytree (高はし, 東京スカイツリー)

I took a day off only for Takahashi There are some eateries that I can't go on weekdays' morning because these eateri...
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