Soft roe


Tsukiji Market : Serving winter foods has started (米花)

Winter seafood gathering in Tsukiji ! Nevertheless I have a commuter pass to Tsukiji Market subway station, recently I ...

Hirai : Soft roe, monkfish liver gathering in a hotpot (豊田屋)

Special hotpot during cold season only ! My friend invited me to the izakaya that is named Toyotaya near Hirai station...

Higashi-Ginza : Lamb and soft roe party at new Persil

Celebrated my birthday with lamb, soft roe and flower cake ! My friend invited me to dinner at Bistro Persil in Ginza...

Tsukiji : Winter tastes at Yamadaya (やまだや)

Oyster, yellowtail, soft roe, snow crab... luxury winter dinner ! My friend invited me to Yamadaya in Tsukiji again an...

Oysters at Tsukiji 2/4 : Choseian

The soba restaurant serve oyster tempura ! Choseian,the soba (buckwheat) restaurant is located next to Tsukiji Marke...
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