Situan Manzan


Makuhari-Hongo : Chen Mapo tofu at Manzan as usual (蔓山)

So spicy mapo tofu. Recently I'm suffering from mouth ulcer and perleche. Still I can't stop eating spicy foods :P I c...

Makuhari-Hongo : Dandan noodles at Manzan

I was in Manzan that day, too. I felt so muggy this summer, and I'm always eating something hot foods :D After eating ...

Makuhari-Hongo : Hot dandan noodles at Manzan

Best choice for having spicy foods. I felt like eating hot foods again (yes, I love very hot foods :P), so I went to M...

Makuhari-Hongo : My delight Sichuan foods restaurant

Whenever I feel like eating hot foods,,, I wanted to eat spicy mapo doufu, so I went to Chinese cuisine restaurant th...
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