Shrine (Tokyo)


Ichigaya : Lunch at Scarpetta and my new goshuin note

Lunch after enjoying cherry blossoms at Yasukuni Jinja shrine Going out from Yasukuni Jinja shrine, and once we were ...

Yasukuni Jinja shrine Sakura festival 2012 (靖国神社)

Beautiful shrine and cherry blosssoms ! I had heard that cherry blossoms were in full bloom at Yasukuni Jinja shrine...

The shrine between two high buildings very closely (Korakuen)

Approach to the worship hall is under the building. The shrine had built these buildings for earn money. This shrine is ...

Kita Shinagawa : Two shrines

Visiting one of Tokyo Jissha (ten) shrines Now on I'm visitting Tokyo Jissha. Shinagawa Jinja shrine. Daikokute...

Kameido, Sengakuji : Kameidoten Jinja, Katori Jinja and Sengakuji

Plum blossoms are now their best ! I went o Kameidoten Jinja shrine the other day. I went to there for visiting templ...
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