Shrine (Chiba)


Inage and Makuhari-Hongo : First visit and eating out of 2015 :) (稲毛浅間神社, 曼山)

I did Hatsumode and first eat out of 2015 near my house. Today I went to Inage Sengen Jinja Shrine for hatsumode. H...

Funabashi : Hatsumode 2014

My first visit to a shrine and eat out 2014 This post is about my New Year holiday. I thought I should upload this post...

Motoyawata : Cherry blossom this year

Because of disappointing, I ate cherry blossom up ! To my regret, I couldn't see cherry blossoms in full bloom this yea...

Motoyawata : Gingko trees promnade in Katsushika Hachimangu shrine

Yellow shrine. I went to Katsushika Hachimangu shrine to leave three years of my New Year's decorations and o-mikuji. ...

Motoyawata : Katsushika Hachimangu shrine in Spring (葛飾八幡宮)

I must upload an article about it in April. When I went to Mama river to see cherry blossoms, I dropped in at Katsus...

Shin-Chiba : Towatari Jinja shrine and Chiba-ken Gokoku-jinja shrine

Two biggest shrines at the center of Chiba city I'm arranging in my PC, and I found the photos that I took at. I wen...
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