Tsukiji Market : Last Kaki mix of this season for me (小田保)

Far from the best season, but it was good. I went to Tsukiji to eat oysters again. Odayasu. Huge oysters there. Its in...

Tsukiji Market : Oysters at morning

Kaki mix is best oysters dish served in Tsukiji I ate kaki mix(deep fried oysters and oysters sautéed with butter) at ...

This cold is nothing in winter (Tsukiji Market)

Because I can eat oysters special set at Odayasu ! So, I ate oysters special set at Odayasu as breakfast this Monday'...

Tsukiji : Kaki dofu at Kato

Kaki dofu is Winter tastes eaten in Tsukiji Market ! I went to here the other day. Katou I wanted to eat tara ...
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