Osaka / 大阪


Osaka 2014 (8/15) : Dinner at Naniwa French Begin (なにわフレンチ びぎん)

Naniwa-Style French cuisine dinner The second day's night, we had Naniwa-style French dinner at Naniwa French Begin ...

Osaka 2014 (7/15) : Red ferris wheel and some foods (梅田)

View from the sky. Casual and local foods of Osaka After eating akashiyaki at Bubutei, we enjoyed ferris wheel. The...

[Umeda] Akashiyaki at Bubutei (ぶぶ亭)

Speaking of local foods in Kansai region, Akashiyaki is very popular next to Okonomiyaki and takoyaki. But contrary to ...

Osaka 2014 (4/15) : Teppanyaki Fukutaro as dinner (鉄板焼 福太郎)

When you are in Osaka, you have no choice but eat okonomiyaki ! After enjoying USJ to our hearts' content, we went back...

Funabashi : Osaka Local Fair 2013

I'm planning what to eat at Osaka next time ! I have a plan going to Osaka by the end of this year. The word "Osaka"...
TRIP (inside JAPAN)

Trip to Nara 2012 Autumn, the 3rd day, Yoshino-kuzu and Osaka.

After getting out from Todaiji temple, I went toward the accommodation to pick up my baggage. I happened to pass by Tenk...
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