Namba Lunch / 難波午餐


Dotonbori Imai Honten (道頓堀 今井本店)

Dotonbori Imai that is long-established restaurant is located along busy Dotonbori street. Contrary to the noisy area, ...

Tenmasa (天政) in Namba

Tenmasa is a udon and soba shop that have counter seats only located at the center of Namba area. My friend who is a fo...

Creperie Alchon (クレープリー・アルション) in Namba

Recently in Japan crepe and pancake is very popular. Of course, in Osaka, too. You know Osaka have already "Konamon" cu...

Kushikatsu Daruma (元祖串かつ だるま道頓堀店) in Dotonbori

After we got to Kansai airport, we went to Namba by train.Speaking of Osaka local foods, kushikatsu occur me.So, at fir...
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