Matsuyama / 松山

EHIME (Dogo, Matsuyama)

Ehime 2010 : First flight in 20 years for me !

I'll be crazy for trip :P Because I had really wanted to go to Dogo Onsen. Dogo onsen was one of the best onsen spot th...
TRIP (inside JAPAN)

Dogo Onsen Honkan Tamanoyu (Dogo Onsen, Ehime)

I took a morning bath at Dogo Onsen Honkan last morning of my trip to Ehime 2010. I bought a ticket to took a bath at...
EHIME (Dogo, Matsuyama)

(Closed) Matsuyama : Heiwa Onsen

Notice: Heiwa Onsen already quit their business (April 22nd, 2016) You can take Oku-dogo onsen bath at the center...
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