[Tokyo] Lunch yakitori bowl at Eiichi (栄一) in Kyobashi

I visited at Eiichi (栄一) that is yakitori restaurant in Kyobashi at lunchtime. I had wanted to been there for a long ti...

Closed – [Tokyo] Weekdays’ lunch at Dhaba India (ダバインディア) in Kyobashi

Speaking of Indian foods in Tokyo, many people say Dhaba India (ダバインディア) in Kyobashi at first. They are long-establishe...

Kyobashi : Cute cafe in the new building (デンマーク・ザ・ロイヤルカフェテラス)

Precious Danish cafe ! Finally I went to the cafe that I had wanted to go for a long time. It is in the building nam...

Tokyo Charity Curry 2015 Spring (Chez Inno)

Chez Inno served curry with Hamburger steak After we got out of Apicius, we walked to Chez Inno for 30 minutes or so...

Charity curry 2014 Spring !

Charity curry event was held ! I went to charity curry event that time, too. The charity event curry is held twice ever...

Charity event curry 2013 Autumn : Chez Inno

Top French cuisine restaurant's special curry ! I went to the charity event that we can eat fancy French restaurants' s...
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