Keisei-Tateishi / 京成立石


Edokko (江戸っ子) in Keisei-Tateishi

Recently I visit Uchida in Keisei-Tateishi area so frequently. When I visit there by myself, I go back to my home after ...

Tateishi tour at night (1/2) : Uchida (宇ち多)

Delicious pork giblet at lower price in Keisei Tateishi I left work on time and went to Keisei Tateishi station with my...

Keisei-tateishi tour 2/2 : Funawa and Ranshu (舟和, 蘭州)

After getting out of Torifusa, we had to wait somewhere until Ranshu that is so popular as Chinese dumplings was open. ...

Keisei-Tateishi Tour 3/3 – Odenya

After Ranshu, we killed time at a karaoke shop until odenya (おでんや) open. Odenya opens 5 pm. Keisei-Tateishi is also nos...

Keisei-Tateishi Tour (2/3) : Funawa and Ransyu

We enjoyed a lot at Uchida And then, we took a rest at Wagashi cafe that is named " Funawa It is famous as tasty i...

Keisei-Tateishi Tour (1/3) : Uchida (宇ち多)

Keisei-Tateishi is so nostalgic place. Keisei-Tateishi is located near Oshiage. Speaking Oshiage, it is the town of Tok...
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