Kanagawa / 神奈川

Kanagawa & Saitama

Hotel Kamakura mori (ホテル鎌倉mori) in Kamakura

Small hotel at the back of Komachi street. When we visited Kamakura, we stayed at this hotel. It's close to Kamakura st...
Kanagawa & Saitama

[Kamakura] Hydrangea Festival in Hasedera temple (長谷寺)

We went to Hase-dera temple (長谷寺) on the second day of our trip to Kamakura.Hasedera's hydrangea path (Ajisai-michi) at...
Kanagawa & Saitama

[Kamakura] Hydrangea Festival in Tokeiji temple (東慶寺)

Beautifully colored temple by hydrangeas. I took my mother to Kamakura for viewing hydrangeas last week. We visited t...
Kanagawa & Saitama

Kanagawa eating tour (2/3) : Gelato at Market SE1 in Enoshima

Gelato shop in sea town This is a continuation of an article about Kanagawa eating tour. After finished eating k...
Kanagawa & Saitama

Yokohama Chinatown : Eating Tour 3 “Yumisai” (優味彩)

Though we were full, we couldn't stop eating. Next, we went to the restaurant named Yumisai to eat dim sum. The per...
TRIP (inside JAPAN)

Shonandaira hills (Kanagawa)

I went to Shonandaira hills because I wanted to see Mt.Fuji closely. I got off at Oiso Staton. Course : Shonandaira hi...
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