Japanese-style sweets cafe


[Monzen Nakacho] Anmitsu at Irie (いり江)

Irie (いり江) was born in 1970 in Monzen-Nakacho. They are long-established kanmidokoro (Japanese confectionery cafe). I l...

Funabashi : Popular kanmidokoro “Mihashi” (みはし)

Branch of Mihashi is underground of Funabashi Tobu. I've never been to Mihashi that is so popular Japanese-style swe...

Tsukiji : Mitsumame and Oshiruko at Tenmame (天まめ)

New Wagashi shop has been opened. New wagashi shop has opened at the back street of Tsukiji. My friends who are Tsukiji...

Hojicha parfait (Ningyocho)

I had something to do at Ningyocho the other day, and I dropped in at the shop to took a rest. Morinoen It is karaok...

We need cold sweets in such a muggy summer (Funabashi)

The hot and humid days continue. The temperature went up to almost 40 degrees Celsius (104 F) around here a few days ...
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