In-flight meals


Zhangjiajie and feng huang : Long stay at Shanghai by myself

Lonely trip in Shanghai without large baggage, Chinese language skill,,, I went to Zangjiajie for sightseeing in October...

Honolulu 2014 (1/7) : In-flight meals and acai bowl !

Second visit to Hawaii in my life I traveled to Hawaii last month. Two years have passed since I had been there last ti...

Russia 2012 Summer (1) : Leaving for Russia !

I was landing on Russia for the first time ! I have been to Russia from 13 August to 20. (Exactly untill 19 :P) It a...

Honolulu 2012 Winter (13/13) : Going back to home

The fourth day. I woke up early in the morning, and I ate Calorie Mate. Then I went to lobby. Presently courtesy car ...

Honolulu 2012 Winter (1/13) : Going to Honolulu

First trip to Hawaii !!!!! I canceled the travel to Cambodia. And I tried to go to England, but I think there are very...
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