Autumn illumination of Kiyomizu temple (清水寺) in Kyoto

When I visited Kyoto, I saw light-up Autumn leaves at two temples. One was Tenjyuan temple that was posted the other day...

Kyoto : Light-up Autumn leaves at Tenjyuan temple (sub-temple of Nanzenji temple)

Beautiful garden with red leaves. I visited Kyoto for viewing autumn leaves last weekend. Though unfortunately it rain...

Hello 2015 !

Celebrated New Year with gorgeous illumination Happy new year ! I hope I will enjoy throughout 2015 without illness ...

Kiyosumi-Shirakawa : Illumination of Kiyosumi Teien

Autumn leaves in a Japanese garden ! I went back from Nara. I had a good time there. I'll write about the travel after ...

Light up Temple Sensoji and Tokyo Tower (Asakusa and Shiba)

One day at night, I went to Temple Sensoji and I saw such a beautiful night seeing. But I couldn't take a good picture b...

Shiodome : Illuminations of Caretta Shiodome

I started working this year today. Today, I went to work for the first time in the new year :( Very very short new yea...
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