Akedoya (あけどや) in Ichikawa

Tantanmen noodles without soup. We went to the ramen shop just close to Ichikawa station. Ramen Akedoya This appea...

Ichikawa : Valuable yakiniku spot (焼肉 紋次郎)

Monjiro will be our regular yakiniku spot ! We went to yakiniku restaurant that is recommended by our acquaintance. ...

Ichikawa : Kasuga Jinja Shrine

Kasuga shrine between houses. When I went to Asahiyu at Ichikawa, I went to Kasuga Jinja shrine on my way to home. ...

Ichikawa : Asahiyu

This sento lies between Keisei Kounodai Station and JR Ichikawa Station. It stands at rare of the alleys. Fagots are...
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