[Tokyo] Winter hotpot at Toyotaya (豊田屋) in Hirai

Spring is just around the corner. We have to visit Toyotaya (豊田屋) before that. Toyotaya is located close to JR Hirai st...

[Tokyo] Monkfish, oysters and soft roe hotpot at Toyotaya (豊田屋) in Hirai

I thought I can't go to Toyotaya (豊田屋) that is so popular izakaya in Hirai this season because I couldn't reserve. But ...

[Tokyo] Kawaei (川栄) in Akabane

We had warm hotpot at Kawaei (川栄) in Akabane. They are eels restaurant. But we didn't eat eel at all that time. They al...
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