Honolulu trip 2014


Honolulu 2014 (7/7) : Last morning in Waikiki

I'll come again soon, Waikiki ! Last day of my stay in Honolulu. Since the car to the airport was going to pick me up a...

Honolulu 2014 (6/7) : Downtown

The center of Government in Hawaii I don't know well, but is Chinatown is a part of Downtown ? Or is Chinatown close t...

Honolulu 2014 (5/7) : Honolulu Harbor and Chinatown

Notice : Beach Bum Cafe already quit their business. (Feb. 20, 2016) Chinese foods in Honolulu ! Next morning, I...

Honolulu 2014 (4/7) : Pan-Pacific festival and Sunset Hula

Yuru-chara gathering in Honolulu ! After I got back from Diamond Head, I dropped in at Kahara Mall and did some shoppin...

Honolulu 2014 (3/7) : Diamond head

I'll never forget the view from Diamond head The second day's morning, I ate last night's leftover steak and dessert an...

Honolulu 2014 (1/7) : In-flight meals and acai bowl !

Second visit to Hawaii in my life I traveled to Hawaii last month. Two years have passed since I had been there last ti...
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