Himitsu-do / ひみつ堂


Nippori : Milky kakigori with sweet Watson pomelo syrup at Himitsu-do (ひみつ堂)

Before summer season coming. I went to Himitsu-do that is kakigori specialty shop just before GOLDEN WEEK has set in. ...

Nippori : Kakigori with fresh berries and peach sauce at Himitsudo (ひみつ堂)

Kakigori cafe all year around. It's still hot in the daytime. So, some popular kakigori shops have much people waiti...

Nippori : Kakigori at Himitsudo during cold season (ひみつ堂)

Special kakigori only for limited Christmas season Happy new year ! and I look forward to your continued good will in...
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