Hachijuro Syoten


Funabashi : Foire gras and iberico at Hachijuro Syoten (八十郎商店)

Nightlife in Funabashi We went to Hachijyuro Shoten that has some branches, for example, Tsukiji, Ayase branch and so ...

Funabashi : fresh seafood and meat at Hachijuro Syoten

Yummy Spanish bar along a narrow street I had dinner at Hachijuro Syoten after one year interval or so. It i...

Funabashi : Second visits to the Spanish bar

We gathered there again. We were satisfied with the quality of dishes at  Hachijuro Shoten before, so we went to there ...

New Spanish bar (Funabashi)

There used to be a dark and gloomy alley in front of Funabashi Station. There also used to be a old izakaya along the al...
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