Ginza Lunch / 銀座午餐


[Ginza] Ore no yakiniku Ginza 9 Chome (俺の焼肉)

We had lunch at weekend at Ore no Yakiniku (俺の焼肉). Ore no Yakiniku is run by Ore-no company. Ore-no company is now expa...

Ginza Kagari (銀座 篝) in Ginza

To all people who waited for Toripaitan of Ginza Kagari for a long time since they have closed, finally Ginza Kagaricom...

Tsukemen Oborozuki (朧月) in Ginza

I rarely eat tsukemen, but I had wanted to eat tsukemen of Ginza Oborozuki (Oborodzuki, Oboroduki) once.Their tsukemen ...
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