Four season


(Takahashi moved) Saturdays’ Tsukiji with friends (高はし, フォーシーズン)

Tsukiji on Saturdays after a long absence. I went to Tsukiji on Saturday after a long long long interval. For visiting...

Tsukiji : Without fish, still Tsukiji is fun ! (フォーシーズン, Turret coffee)

People overflew in Tsukiji. We had a coffee at Four season until Kashigashira's opening time the other day. ...

Tsukiji : Took a rest after Tsukiji on the Saturday

Four season is relaxation space for us. This is a continuition of the article(Tsukiji Market on a Saturday) last day. ...

Tsukiji : Coke float and napolitan at the cafe

Nostalgic Napolitan in my memories After enjoying yummy sashimi at Kashigashira, we went to  Four seasons that have a n...

Tsukiji : Conger eel, Taiwanese kakigori and spaghetti

(notice) Tsukiji Yoshino already quit their business. (July 20th, 2015) Saturday's Tsukiji is enjoyable ! t wa...
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