Eatery (Teishoku)


Tsukiji Market : Two days breakfast at Tsukiji

Deep fried oysters set (カキフライ定食, 1400 yen) Though I also wanted to eat scallop, I ordered oysters only. Well...

Tsukiji Market : Soft roe hotpot at Katou

I went to Tsukiji Market with some minds what I would have eaten at breakfast. The restaurants located outside Tsukiji ...

Tsukiji : Preparation for New year

New year is drawing near, so I thought how is Tsukiji, and I went to see, But Tsukiji Market opened as usual unexpected...

Tsukiji : Kaki dofu at Kato

Kaki dofu is Winter tastes eaten in Tsukiji Market ! I went to here the other day. Katou I wanted to eat tara ...
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