Dining bar Gracia


Asakusabashi : There’s no foods make me disappointed at Gracia (食堂酒場 グラシア)

If you want to have delicious foods, go straight to Asakusabashi ! I visited Dining bar gracia in Asakusa area for eati...

Asakusabashi : Delicious meats at Gracia (食堂酒場 グラシア)

I met top quality meats again at Gracia ! I was really enjoyed great meats at Dining bar Gracia in Asakusabashi last t...

Asakusabashi : Various meat at Dining bar Gracia (食堂酒場 グラシア)

Beef, pork, chicken … meat party can be held at cozy dining bar ! I know there's popular restaurant in Asakusabashi tha...
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