Mazulu (馬子禄) in Jinbocho

Branch of popular Chinese noodles restaurant named Mazulu in China was open in Jinbocho in Japan. I heard they have abo...

Yakitori Miyagawa (やきとり宮川豊洲店) in Toyosu

I found there's a branch of popular yakitori restaurant as "White Karaage" that is named Yakitori Miyagawa in Toyosu. S...

Chii ran (芝蘭) in Toyosu

I always thought about mapo tofu having much Sichuan pepper that could be eaten around my office at lunchtime.But I cou...

黃龍荘 in Taipei

I visited 黃龍荘 at lunchtime close to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial station.Their former name was 勝香品點心總匯 and located along Yo...
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