Aichi / 愛知

AICHI (Nagoya etc)

[Nagoya] Taiwan ramen and tebasaki at Misen (味仙)

Nagoya have many local foods, for example, tebasaki, miso nikomi udon, hitsumabushi and so on. And recently Taiwan rame...
AICHI (Nagoya etc)

Hokuriku & Tokai 2016 (23/29) : Hitsumabushi and Atsuta Jingu shrine (あつた蓬莱軒)

Nagoya-style eel dish After we saw Nagoya castle, we went to another station to have lunch. Speaking of Nagoya, Hitsum...
AICHI (Nagoya etc)

Hokuriku & Tokai 2016 (22/29) : Nagoya castle (名古屋城)

Best historic sites in Nagoya. Nagoya castle is a "must" place to visit when you come to Nagoya for the first time. Of c...
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