Shinjuku Sanchome : Ethnic foods at studio KUKUL kan

Entrails of Bak kut teh, Studio KUKUL-kan (Shinjuku Sanchome) Tokyo
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Notice : This restaurant has been closed for years (12nd, October, 2015)

I went to eat at “studio KUKUL-kan” at Shinjuku a week ago.
I had eaten ethnic foods few times, so I hadn’t eaten almost all dishes that the restaurant served.
Every time dishes came, I was surprised, and thought how to eat 😛

Signboard, Studio KUKUL-kan (Shinjuku Sanchome)


This is the entrance of the building. I hesitated to enter the building. It didn’ seem that there are any restaurant in it.

The steers are steep and being crooked, so I went upstairs with watching my step.
This restaurant is so narrow that can accept about 7 person, maybe.
The restaurant’s owner said that 9 persons came in the restaurant a few days before.
I can’t believe it. How ?

Bak kut teh (バクテー)
I heard that it is a Malaysian cuisine.It was good with a lot of gingers and spices in it.

Bak kut teh, Studio KUKUL-kan (Shinjuku Sanchome)


Entrails were cut a little on the big side in it.
I tried to lift up the meat by spoon :).

Entrails of Bak kut teh, Studio KUKUL-kan (Shinjuku Sanchome)


Assorted sashimi (刺し盛り)
Upper – young yellowtail. Bottom- from left young yellowtail tossed with mayonnaise, cuttlefish, horse mackerel namerou(with sambal).
At first I didn’t recognize what it was. Because in addition to subdued lighting, I had a bias that ethnic food restaurant never serves raw fishes.
But these were sashimi.

Sashimi and sambal, Studio KUKUL-kan (Shinjuku Sanchome)


We ate sashimi with sambal.

Sambal, Studio KUKUL-kan (Shinjuku Sanchome)


This restaurant serves “Sambal Cuisine”
Speaking of “Sambal”, only I knew was waterly curry of India, but this restaurant says “Sambal” is seasoning that is eaten in Southeast Asia.
It is not so spicy but salty strongly.

Lamb gyoza (ラム餃子)
My friend also gyoza with sambal on it. 🙂
Its skins had springly texture.

Lamb gyoza, Studio KUKUL-kan (Shinjuku Sanchome)


Then mystery circle was served !
Gado-gado (ガドガド)
(Indonesian foods)

Gado gado, Studio KUKUL-kan (Shinjuku Sanchome)


I didn’t know what to do about it 🙁

At first mixing it, and then eating. It was sweet. Peanuts butter and sesami in it, maybe.
Many kinds of texture were in my mouth.

Nuts, lettuce, deep fried tofu (atsuage),bean sprouts, and deep fried shirataki without coat.

Mixed gado gado, Studio KUKUL-kan (Shinjuku Sanchome)


Yakisoba (焼きそば). Yakisoba usually have a lot of oils and thick taste, But it tasted light.
My friend next to me put a lot of corianders on it, so I did, too.

Yakisoba, Studio KUKUL-kan (Shinjuku Sanchome)


Curry with horse mackerel (アジカレー)
Much deep fried horse mackerels with no coat were in the curry.
In addition to horse mackerel, it had green onions and so forth in it. It had much ingredients 🙂

Curry with horse mackerel, Studio KUKUL-kan (Shinjuku Sanchome)


Curry and rice, Studio KUKUL-kan (Shinjuku Sanchome)


I enjoyed being in other dimension at there 🙂

About studio KUKUL kan (studio KUKUL館)

Address / 3-1-32 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Station / Shinjuku-sanchome station (Toei subway)
Open / 10:30 – 23:30
Closed / Mondays



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