Starbucks : Coffee jelly and creamy vanilla frappuccino

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Starbucks’ summer frappuccino 2016.

Starbucks Japan has started to serve Coffee jelly & creamy vanilla frappuccino (コーヒージェリー&クリーミーバニラフラペチーノ) at 590 yen (tax excluded) from today. (But many branches already started to serve it as soon as former limited beverage “Baked cheesecake frappuccino” sold out)
It’ll be served until the end of August. Four-layered frappuccino is cute 🙂

Coffee jelly & creamy vanilla frappecino 1, Starbucks coffee Tsudanuma MINA branch (Tsudanuma)


Coffee jelly made from coffee beans for espresso is at the bottom of the cup.
This was served two years ago and loved by many people. They waited for this time !
But I had it this time for the first time.

Coffee jelly at the bottom of it, Starbucks coffee Tsudanuma MINA branch (Tsudanuma)


And creamy custard vanilla sauce, coffee frappuccino and whipped cream.

Coffee jelly & creamy vanilla frappecino 2, Starbucks coffee Tsudanuma MINA branch (Tsudanuma)


The coffee jelly isn’t bitter at all, but it have abundant flavor of rich coffee. Coffee frappuccino, whipped cream have light sweetness. It’s good for muggy summer !

Coffee jelly could be sucked on the straw because it is very soft and the straw is wide. But of course, spoon is prepared and the jelly at the bottom of it couldn’t be sucked well, so I took coffee jelly with the spoon at the end.

I knew later, some ingredients could be ordered more.
Extra vanilla sauce : free of charge
Extra coffee jelly : +100 yen

I have to go there again soon. I want to try it with extra vanilla sauce and caramel sauce 😉



  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    I had that today in Tokyo! I haven’t seen it in Dubai or Denmark before, but it was very good:)

    • Ryoko says:

      This coffee jelly and frappuccino is suitable for such a hot day ! (Not too hot for you ?). I wish you enjoy Tokyo life 🙂

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