Spring Japan to suspend one domestic line

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Information if suspension of airline


Spring Japan announced that they won’t do business between TOKYO/NARITA and TAKAMATSU from this winter timetable (effective October 25th).
As Spring Japan, this is the first descion to full suspension of the domestic line in Japan.

They don’t say this descion is effective permanently.
But prospects of the reopening seems to be hopeless.
Spring Japan says TOKYO/NARITA –  SAGA and TOKYO/NARITA – HIROSHIMA have good sales, so they maintain those services.

New time table is here(in Japanese)

JetStar Japan will maintain TOKYO/NARITA – TAKAMATSU. They say it have good sales.

I bought tickets for 737 yen to Takamatsu by Spring Japan this September. This might be the first and last time to use this line.

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