(Closed) : Kiyosumi-Shirakawa : Autumn flavor at NICO 1/2

First drinks, Spice bar NICO (Kiyosumi-shirakawa) Tokyo
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Notice : Spice Bar Nico already quit their business. (January 30th, 2016)

Autumn flavor in Indian foods bar.

My friend took me to Spice Bar NICO again the other day 🙂
This time, I’ll divide the story by two posts, today and tomorow. Because I have much pictures 😛

When we arrived at the bar, we found the bar remained closed.

Appearance, Spice bar NICO (Kiyosumi-shirakawa)


That day, the bar opened from 18 p.m., his reserving time. It was because the shopekeeper had to attend the meeting.
So, we could see such a nice shutter.

As soon as we took seats, one guest came…..  she was our acquaintance ! Woow !!!
Every time I visit the bar, I met someone I know 🙂

Left is my friend’s mango lassie harusame (マンゴーラッシー春雨, 600 yen) and right is my Darjeeling Cooler (ダージリンクーラー, 600 yen).

First drinks, Spice bar NICO (Kiyosumi-shirakawa)


“Harusame” is branded name of awamori(strong Okinawa liquor).
I have liked darjeeling cooler very much since I drunk it last time.
I’ll buy darjeeling liquor in a few days 🙂

We ordered “Okami course(おかみコース, 3000 yen)” that time, too.

At first, Indian snack that is named Namkeen (ナムキン) came. I had never heard the name.

Namkeen, Spice bar NICO (Kiyosumi-shirakawa)


It is made from floor, garbanzo beans and dried fruits. So spicy and tasty. Namkeen. I put firmly in my mind 🙂

Next, assorted achar.
This is Autumn eggplant and Grifola frondosa achar (秋茄子と舞茸のアチャール).

Autumn eggplant and maitake mushroom achar, Spice bar NICO (Kiyosumi-shirakawa)


I searched for Grifola frondosa, and my friend said me he ate 😛
I felt Autumn by the dish 🙂

And it is cabbage and coconuts achar (キャベツとココナッツのアチャール).

Cabbage and coconuts achar, Spice bar NICO (Kiyosumi-shirakawa)


Sweetness of coconuts went with spice well.

Then, I ordered rum and chai (ラムチャイ, 600 yen). I like it, too !

Rum chai, Spice bar NICO (Kiyosumi-shirakawa)


Green chili and shrimps salads (青唐辛子と海老のサラダ)

Green chili and shrimp salads, Spice bar NICO (Kiyosumi-shirakawa)

青唐辛子って最初は全然辛くないんだけど、しばらくして口の中で暴れ出すよね(((( ;゚Д゚)))

Those shrimps were fresh and springy texture. And the green chili was sour and spicy 🙂
Green chili is not so hot at first, but I suddenly felt extremely hot after a while.

MY friend’s second drink was acai lassie (アサイーラッシー, 450 yen) that I recommended to him.

Acai lassie, Spice bar NICO (Kiyosumi-shirakawa)


Eh ? Why I recommended to him ?
Because … I wanted to drink a bit 😛
I like it too. I want to order it with “harusame” next time 🙂

Gizzard confit (砂肝のコンフィ)
I can’t help eating it when I visit NICO. It was so soft that I couldn’t believe it was gizzard !

Gizzard confit, Spice bar NICO (Kiyosumi-shirakawa)


Next, cheese kulcha. We could select one from ordinary cheese kulcha, gorgonzora cheese kulcha and mentaiko cheese kulcha that time, too.
We ordered a gorgonzora kulcha (ゴルゴンゾーラチーズのクルチャ).

Gorgonzora cheese kulcha, Spice bar NICO (Kiyosumi-shirakawa)


Truthfully speaking, he seemed to want to eat mentaiko cheese kulcha ….

Gorgonzora cheese kulcha (melting cheese), Spice bar NICO (Kiyosumi-shirakawa)


Probably he noticed that my wish that I wanted to eat it ! 😛
It had stronger fruits taste than last time.  Still it was delicious.

That’s all for today. I’ll write the sequel tomorrow 😀

About Spice Bar NICO (スパイスバー ニコ)

Address / 11-1 Takabashi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Station / Kiyosumi-Shirakawa station (Toei subway)
Open / 18:00 – 24:00
Holiday Lunch / Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays / 11:30 – 14:00
Closed / Mondays
Twitter / @spicebarnico



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