Special benefits for shareholders.

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I got special benefits for shareholders from Nihon Seima Co.Ltd this year, too.
I’ve been a shareholder of the company for seven years.
Nihon Seima is hemp-dressing company. But they can’t get much money by the business, so they products spaghetti and sauce for spaghetti.
They give their own products to stockholders as the special benefits for shareholders every year.
To my sad, after Lehman Crisis, their gifts became cheaper 🙁
But their products are good. Especially, I like their Bolognese sauce best.

I know that special benefits for shareholders is something peculiar to Japan.
Also I know there are much people who holds stock for getting special benefits for shareholders. But I’m differ from them.
Truthfully speaking, I want to sell their stocks…. But the price is too low to sell 😛
So, happiness or misery, I could get their gift this year, too.


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