Kinshicho : Indian foods buffet at Venus (ヴェヌス)

Buffet1, South Indian Dining Venus (Kinshicho) Tokyo
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Spicy Indian foods buffet at lunchtime

South Indian Dining VENUS that is open recently in Kinshicho area.
I enjoyed the restaurant a lot at dinner time the other day, so, I tried to have lunch at there.
Ah ! the flag is getting loose !

Appearance, South Indian Dining Venus (Kinshicho)


I had heard that they serve meals set at at lunchtime. But they seemed to change their system.
They serve buffet-style lunch (1000 yen)
Four types of curry, naan, rice, salad and dessert is served on the long table.

I had no idea how to dish them up…. so I hate buffet ! My dish show me that I had no taste !

Anyway, I picked egg curry, chicken curry, beans curry, rice, naan and salad on my plate. Those curries were quite spicy !
I like the egg curry best. Half-boiled eggs were in the spicy curry. Curries in warmers were not very hot, so, eggs remained half-boiled 🙂 I like rare yolk !

Well, I have another reason why I don’t like buffet. Foods get cold in warmers. Rice and naan got cold..
My friend who already had second helping while I was eating foods on the first dish said to me, “Now, naan and curries were hot !”. But I couldn’t because this first dish made me nearly full.

Buffet1, South Indian Dining Venus (Kinshicho)


But I wanted to have second helping of curry all the same.
So, I just had second helping of curries. (Without rice, naan). I had it as soup 🙂 And dessert.

Buffet2, South Indian Dining Venus (Kinshicho)


Those were tasty, but I want them serve lunch set again….

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About South Indian Dining Venus(ベヌス)

Address / 2-6-11 Kinshi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Station / Kinshicho station (JR, Tokyo metro)
Open / 11:00 – 15:00, 17:00 – 22:00
Closed / Tuesdays



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