Kinshicho : New Indian restaurant, Venus (ヴェヌス)

Cheese kulcha, SOUTH INDIAN DINING Venus (Kinshicho) Tokyo
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Already it became one of popular Indian foods restaurant in Tokyo

After Akimbo that was in Kinshicho area moved to Saga prefecture, many people missed the tastes. But new Indian foods restaurant started the business close to Kinshicho station 🙂

South Indian Dining Venus

Appearance, SOUTH INDIAN DINING Venus (Kinshicho)


The chefs worked at Dharmasagara that is so popular Indian foods restaurant in Ginza and had good reputation.

At night, they serve thali. There is also counter table, so you can enjoy their food by one 🙂

About thali, SOUTH INDIAN DINING Venus (Kinshicho)


We were six, so, we ordered some dishes and shared, not thali.

But I had no idea because there are so many foods name on the manu that I didn’t know I couldn’t imagine anything. I’m an Indian foods beginner 😛 So, I left everything to everyone.

Egg dosa (エッグドーサ, 1200 yen) was served first.

Egg dosa, SOUTH INDIAN DINING Venus (Kinshicho)


Masala vada(マサラワダ, 500 yen) * 3 portions

Masala vada, SOUTH INDIAN DINING Venus (Kinshicho)

Everyone wanted to eat lemon rice (レモンライス), so we ordered it.
I didn’t know “lemon rice” and thought it is sour rice with sliced lemon. But contrary to my expectation, lemon rice wasn’t sour. Indian rice with plenty of spice. Of course, fresh lemon smelled a bit.

Lemon rice, SOUTH INDIAN DINING Venus (Kinshicho)


Poori masala (プーリマサラ)
We cut it with knife for sharing. So the poori shriveled soon 😛

Poori masala, SOUTH INDIAN DINING Venus (Kinshicho)


Rassam (ラッサム)
My share. Spicy and sour rassam is my delight !

Rassam, SOUTH INDIAN DINING Venus (Kinshicho)


Cheese naan (チーズナン, 450 yen)
Plenty of cheese melting ! People who love cheese cannot help eating it !

Cheese kulcha, SOUTH INDIAN DINING Venus (Kinshicho)

And last, curries were served !
But sorry, I didn’t know what is what.
Because the chef couldn’t cook what we ordered because ingredients are out. So, we ordered some curries what the waiter recommended similar to foods that we ordered at first 😛
But those were spicy and tasty. We were satisfied.

Curry1, SOUTH INDIAN DINING Venus (Kinshicho)


Curry2, SOUTH INDIAN DINING Venus (Kinshicho)

Chickens in it. This wasn’t spicy and it didn’t seems to be curry. It like cream stew (Japanese white stew).

Curry3, SOUTH INDIAN DINING Venus (Kinshicho)


Fried foods, SOUTH INDIAN DINING Venus (Kinshicho)


This restaurant put spices in the bowl like mountain at the kitchen.
So, it was stimulating strongly.
If you have sensitive eyes and throat, you have to come with preparing.
My tears didn’t stop last 😛

Venus is in front of Motsuyaki Wakuya that I have wanted to visit in the near future 😀

About South Indian Dining Venus(ベヌス)

Address / 2-6-11 Kinshi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Station / Kinshicho station (JR, Tokyo metro)
Open / 11:00 – 15:00, 17:00 – 22:00
Closed / Tuesdays



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