Iwamotocho : Dosanko bacon and spinach curry at Kamui (スープカレー カムイ)

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Akihabara style of eating soup curry

I went to Soup Curry Kamui to eat soup curry again.

Signboard, Soup curry Kamui (Iwamotocho)


I posted about the shop the other day, too. Guests can eat spicy soup curry with such a cute picture.

Iwamotocho : Soup curry with lamb at Kamui (スープカレーカムイ)
Manga and soup curry ! There is a soup curry shop that is named Kamui near Iwamotocho subway station not so far from Akihabara. We ordered our curries and paid on the ground floor and went up...
Nerdy boys ! You can’t avoid going there after Tsukiji activity ! Come on !!! (^o^)

Soup curry and manga, Soup curry Kamui (Iwamotocho)


Its taste is extremely good. Nerdy boys !
Of course, even if you aren’t interested in manga at all, you’ll enjoy this delicious soup curry !

Dosanko-bacon and spinach curry (どさんこベーコンほうれん草カレー) 980 yen

Dosanko bacon curry, Soup curry Kamui (Iwamotocho)


This degrees of spiciness was three. We can choice degrees of our curry from 1 to 10. 10 is the most spiciness curry.
I ordered it with cheese (+100 yen) on it.

This Dosanko-bacon curry. I heard that it was a regular menu before. But now they serve it for a limited time.
Dosanko-bacon is produced in Chitose of Hokkaido. So juicy and tasty bacon. And shimeji mushrooms were good, too.

Bacon, Soup curry Kamui (Iwamotocho)

This soup curry is sweet. Though I don’t like sweet foods, It was natural sweetness of vegetables. So I like it 🙂

About Soup curry Kamui (スープカレーカムイ)

Address / 2-12-5 Kanda-Suda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Station / Iwamotocho station (Toei subway)
Open / 11:00 – 15:00, 17:00 – 20:00
Sundays and national holidays / 11:00 – 20:00
Closed / Saturdays (In case of national holiday it is open and the next Monday
is closed)
Website / http://ameblo.jp/soupcurry-kamui/(in Japanese only)
Twitter / @soupcurry_kamui



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    […] Akihabara style of eating soup curry (Iwamotocho) | Viva … – Akihabara style of eating soup curry (Iwamotocho) Posted on Friday, February 28th, 2014 by Ryoko. I went to Soup curry kamui to eat soup curry again. I wrote about the shop the other day, too, but guests can eat spicy soup curry with such a cute picture. […]

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