Hong Kong 2016 (11/18) : Walked around Central and Sheung wan (上環, 中環)

Town6, Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602) HONG KONG
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Melting pot of eastern, western, old and new.

After got out of Honolulu coffee shop, I walked around Central and Sheung Wan.

Man Mo Temple (文武廟) along Hollywood road.
It is one of the most famous Chinese temple in Hong Kong and was built in 1842.
There were many people praying in the temple. I learned by watching others and prayed 🙂

Appearance, Man Mo temple,Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


I know there are antique shops and another shops and cafes along Hollywood road. But it was still early (before noon). Those shops weren’t open yet.

Hong Kong is a melting pot of eastern, western, old and new.

Town1, Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


Especially this Sheung wan and Central is the symbol town of that.

Town2, Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


Such old streets are remaining a lot.

Town3, Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


Town4, Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)

But new and western shops are open. Especially SOHO area is quite another from another street in Central. Cute house 🙂

Town5, Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


Imported foods supermarket. Though I didn’t see many Westerners at another places, but there were much people around SOHO area.

Marks and Spenser food, Central (Hongkong 201602)


There’re market streets around this area and a lot of people came and bought something.

Town7, Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


Town8, Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)

Town9, Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)

Seafood shop.

Seafood shop, Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)

Meat shop.
It looks fresh. But it was hot day, I think people should visit earlier time to get fresh meats.

Meat shop, Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


It is interesting town and I should stay this area for enjoying this town a lot next time.

Town6, Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


By the way, I happened to meet Ebikin in Hong Kong on my way to Honolulu coffee shop.
Speaking of Ebikin, it is very popular ramen shop in Tsukiji. It this related to that Ebikin in Tsukiji ?

Appearance, Ebikin,Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


Their name has changed from Zabon to Ebikin. I wanted to try it, but it wasn’t still open. And I don’t remember where it is located.

Information, Ebikin,Sheung Wan (Hongkong 201602)


About Man Mo Temple (文武廟)

Address / 126 Hollywood Rd., Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Station / Sheung wan station (MTR)

126 Hollywood Rd., Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


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