(Close) Kinshicho : Koala no March parfait at Sharlotte Chocolate Factory (シャルロッテチョコレートファクトリー)

Sharlotte parfait, Sharlotte Chocolate factory (Kinsicho) Tokyo
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(Notice !) This cafe already quit their business.
(May 5th, 2018)

I had something to do at Kinshicho, so I dropped in at Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho for having coffee break. There is a cafe restaurant on the ground floor.
The name is Sharlotte Chocolate Factory.

You know Lotte is a company producing snacks. And Koala no march is the most popular products !
Lotte run this hotel and cafe. So, they serve some foods having Koala no march !


It’s just close to Kinshicho station. If you use JR line, get out from Northern gate.

World of Koala no march

Before I entered the cafe, I decided to eat Parfait Sharlotte (パフェシャルロッテ, 850 yen) because of its attracting looking. Koala, koala. The world of Koala no march in the container !

Sharlotte parfait, Sharlotte Chocolate factory (Kinsicho)

So cute ! It have pocky, milk ice cream, banana, orange, strawberry, marshmallow and chocolate ice cream ! And the milk ice cream had light taste !

Though I intended to eat the parfait only, I felt chill. So, I ordered Cafe latte (カフェラテ),too.

Cafe latte, Sharlotte Chocolate factory (Kinsicho)

They also serve meals that have chocolate like chocolate curry and chocolate spaghetti. It sounds not good. But I want to try some day.

About Sharlotte Chocolate Factory (シャルロッテチョコレートファクトリー)

Address / Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho 1F, 4-6-1, Kinshicho, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Phone / 03-3622-6100

Open / 7 a.m. – 10:30 a.m., 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. (Breakfast until 10:30 a.m., Lunch 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.)
Closed / no scheduled
Reservation / Unavailable
Credit card / Available
Smoking / Not permitted
Website / https://lottecityhotel.jp/en/(in English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Thai, and Traditional Chinese)


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