Skincare : Sheet mask for trying Sekkisei as sample

Sheet mask for sample, Sekkisei, Kose BEAUTY
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This is a sample I got before when winter comes, I don’t use it.

So, I tried to use it now.

Sheet mask for sample, Sekkisei, Kose

This is a sheet mask with sekkisei lotion.
Why I don’t use it in winter?
Because Sekkisei Lotion does not have enough moisture for me.

I have a very very dry skin.

It is only for trying sekkisei lotion.

It is not for sell. This is a sample.
So this paper doesn’t have good quality.
I can keep only 5 minutes on my face.

Because of dry-weather, it is easy to dry fast.
Sekkisei Lotion has been admired by me in my school days because it is expensive for teens,

and I admire Sekkisei Lotion because of my dry skin in future.

… Oh, heavy thunder comes.
It begins to rain heavily.

I thought this is sounds that someone carrying suitcase.
I think I haven’t heard rolls of thunder for a long time, always only shining.

Meitetu-Kanko send me an airline ticket at last.
They said not contact me after receiving money.
I was worried about whether they could receive my money, whether My reservation was  complete 🙁

It was heavy rain all the day yesterday,so  ticket is moisten slightly.

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