Naguri : Sawarabi no yu

Entrance of bathroom, Sawarabi-no-yu (Naguri) Kanagawa & Saitama
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After going down Mt.Warabi, I dropped in at Sawarabi no yu.

There is a “Sawarabi-no-yu” bus stop, but “Sawarabi-no-yu” is located farther away from the bus stop.
There is a ticket vending machine at an entrance.

Naturally, I thought I give it to receptionist,but
She said, “Please give me it when you leave.”

I can’t understand. For what?

I have no experiences such a system.

Entering the entrance, there is a resting space.

Entering the dressing room.

Entrance of  bathroom, Sawarabi-no-yu (Naguri)

Too small.

There is not too much guests, but it is small.
There is much guestes than the capacity of the room.

There is many coin-operated lockers, but the number of guests who can stand in front of the locker is only 6 people.
So, there were some people who cannot get the locker.

Dodge my way through the crowd, I managed to hold the position.

Entering the bath room, it is larger than I expected.
But it is small for the number of guests.

Sauna is steam sauna. I’m please.
I don’t like dry sauna.

There is a very tupid bath(not cold water)
Why does it such a stupid ?
There is a sauna, so probably it is use as cold water bath.
Why isn’t it cold water ?
The reason is that cold bath isn’t good for body ?

Open-bath air is small
Onsen water became drop in quality because it affected by air outside.

And, tepid.

Indoor bath is better than such a uncomfortable bath.

But I don’t like the indoor bath, too.

Each bath water chlorinate.
So, it smells chlorine strong.
Of course, I have been wanted to take the bath for a long time, so I’m only glad to take the bath.
But I don’t want to come again.
Especially, alkaline simple hot spring doesn’t have any smell, so chlorine smells appears clearly.

A, but it is good for me that I could disinfect with chlorine my body after the mountain 😛


* onsen / Alkaline simple hot spring
* bathtub / large bath (onsen), open-air bath(onsen), vary tepid bath(onsen?)
* sauna / steam sauna
* address / 685 Shimonaguri Hanno-city Saitama-ken
* closest station / Hanno Station (Seibu Chichibu Line)
* closest bus stop / Sawarabi-no-yu bus stop
* charge / 800 yen
* open / from 10:00 to 18:00 (change according to seasons)
* holidays / almost nothing (Irregular)
* locker / free locker (for shoes, for baggage)
* hair dryer / two (free )
* another facility / restaurant, room to take rest, shop


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