Saryo Ren (茶寮 煉) in Motoyawata

Fresh grape kakigori, Saryo Ren (Motoyawata) Chiba
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September is the last month to enjoy kakigori at many shops

It is still hot in the daytime. Today was, too !
And kakigori season is not end yet !

Many shops will finish serving kakigori at the end of September this season. Maybe this shop, too.
This kanmidokoro that is named Saryo Ren is so popular for local people and especially, there is a long line in front of the shop.
We also had to wait a bit.
Though we were full because we ate too much. So, we thought light kakigori is good for our dessert. (After all, kakigori is made from water …:P)

The street have my favorite bar that is named “Bar AO” 🙂

Appearance, Saryo Ren (Motoyawata)


About ten minutes or so, the waitress took us to the seats in the shop.
Of course, we ordered kakigori, too 🙂
It took rather much time to be served. Two icebergs appeared in front of us. Ah…. Only seeing it made me full….:(

Kakigori, Saryo Ren (Motoyawata)

お腹いっぱいだけど、かき氷はしょせんお水でしょ・・・と軽い気持ちで待っていると、こんもりお山が二つ運ばれてきました・・・(((( ;゚Д゚)))

Kakigori with fresh grape and yogurt (生ぶどうヨーグルト氷)

Fresh grape kakigori, Saryo Ren (Motoyawata)

きれいな紫色ですけど氷山ですΣ(゚Д゚) ヨーグルトとぶどうシロップもついてます。

It had beautiful color, but it was severe iceberg for us that day….
Fresh grape syrup was a little bitt sour. But juicy and sweet.

Close Fresh grape kakigori, Saryo Ren (Motoyawata)


Kakigori with brown sugar syrup, kinako and soft ice cream (黒みつきな粉ソフトクリームかき氷)
THe browy sugar syrup and kinako was delicious, but this shaved ice was too cold and I got a severe brain freeze 🙁
I couldn’t eat it up. He also left some of kakigori. We should have shared one kakigori and matcha drink.

Kuromitsu kinako soft cream kakigori, Saryo Ren (Motoyawata)


And another they serve peach syrup, apricot syrup and so on according to months.
I want to try peach.. 🙂 But I have to wait next season.

About Saryo Ren(茶寮 煉)

Address / 2-5-6 Yawata, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
Station / Motoyawata station (JR)



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