Koiwa : “Sansar”, Nepalese cuisine

Dal bhat, Sansar Koiwa (Koiwa) Tokyo
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Nepalese foods after thai foods…

I told about Thai cuisine restaurant in Koiwa the other day.

There are lots of foreign people around Koiwa, accordingly, there are many foreign cuisine restaurant near Koiwa station.

Today, I’ll write about Nepalese cuisine that is named Sansar. The restaurant is far from Koiwa station a bit.
But it is very popular Nepalese cuisine restaurant. Mainly they serves Nepalese cuisine, but also they serve Indian cuisine. I think it is because Nepalese cuisine itself is not popular in Japan yet. So they serve Indian food. That is so popular in Japan.

We visited there late at night, so only one group except us were there.

Flower on the table, Sansar Koiwa (Koiwa)

結構遅い時間だったので私たち以外には一組しかいなかったです( ´゚д゚`)

Momo (モモ) 735 yen
Nepalese boiled dumplings. It was so tasty 🙂

Momo, Sansar Koiwa (Koiwa)


Butter chicken curry(バターチキン) 1210 yen

Butter and chicken, Sansar Koiwa (Koiwa)


It was very thick taste ! It is the standard of Indian cuisine.

Kukhura ko shikhar (ククラ・コ・シカール) 1000 yen
Nepalese soup curry. Chickens and vegetables were in it.

kukhura ko shikhar, Sansar Koiwa (Koiwa)


Speaking of soup curry, Sapporo chicken curry is so famous. This soup curry was more spicy than Sapporo chicken curry. But, I felt it is not soup curry. Ordinary curry.

Dal bhat (ダルバート) 1575 yen
It looks like school lunch 😀

Dal bhat, Sansar Koiwa (Koiwa)


Black soybeans daal. I heard “black” soybeans daal is rare from the owner.

Black soybeans daal, Sansar Koiwa (Koiwa)


And burdock achar,
fried turnip, chicken, green vegetablse and potatos together.

It was very good restaurant.
For Inakamura, for Sansar, I feel like living in Koiwa 😛

About Sansa Koiwa branch (サンサール小岩店)

Address / New chaterait Bldg No.103, 5-18-16 Minami-Koiwa, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
Station / Akihabara station (JR, Tokyo metro)
Open / 11:00 – 14:30, 17:30 – 22:30
Closed / No scheduled
Website / http://www.san-sar.info/(in Japanese only)



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